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The Statistics for February 28th are published.
Kudos to the Lip Rippers for a perfect score of 160 points!

A note about the schedule. In some matches a team is scheduled to be the Home team, but playing at a different venue, not their home venue. These are not errors.

You will find a monthly pool tournament listed in the "Local Tourneys" section at the top of this page.

Follow only the schedule provided in link below!
Schedule: > Schedule 2023-2024 - Part Two Revision 1
Note Legion Table 1 is Upstairs and Table 2 is Downstairs.

Mark your calendars!
Playoffs April 10, 17, 20 & 21

Banquet is May 11th, at RC Legion.
More details to follow.

Our league is always looking for new players and spares. Please forward any information regarding new people or any questions about the league, or the rules to Chris Moore 604-483-1976 (text is best)

Please respect all our players, male and female. Harassment and sexual abuse will not be tolerated.

To reduce the risk making a costly "Double-hit Foul" please view the Instructional Pool Videos page in the Other menu.

Starting Averages are assigned for the first three (3) matches played in the season.
Returning players from the previous season shall use their final average they earned then. To view averages in the Statistics be sure to select the previous season for Session, as the system defaults to current season.
Minimum 3 matches required to establish an average.
Multi Team Players (MTP) for last season will find their averages via a link on the Statistics page.
If less than 3 weeks were played please refer to next section below.

Starting average for New players (or players that did not play previous season) are assigned 7.5, which is the final overall average for all players (excluding Phantom players) in the 2022-23 season.
60,510 points scored in 8,024 games.
60,510/8,024= 7.541. Rounded down to = 7.5
This is the same value as used previous season.


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