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Sunday August 11 Captains and Executives @ 2 downstairs at the legion

Tuesday August 13 General Meeting @ 7 downstairs at the legion

for the general meeting can you advice all players about the meeting

Final Averages Earned in 2018-19 Season
Each player's final average is used throughout the playoffs.

Players who have not paid their membership dues and are NOT allowed to play until it is paid. If they play their scores will be disqualified!
- Kodi Gordon
When they have paid they will be removed from this list.


Starting Averages for first three (3) matches an individual player plays.

Returning players from 2018-19 season shall use their final average from that season and it is found here:
Final Averages Earned in 2018-19 Season

Starting average for New players (or previous players that did not play last season) are assigned 7.6, which is the final overall Average for all players in 2018-19 season.
74993 points divided by9920 games played = 7.56. Round it up to one decimal = 7.6.
This is up from 7.4 used previous season.

Final Averages Earned in 2017-18 Season


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