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Please ignore the original schedule that did not have any matches on December 11. Here is the revised schedule. The matches remain the same, only dates change starting with Week 15.
Schedule: > Schedule Part 1
Published September 8.

Captains please put your phone #s of team's captains and co-captains on score sheets so we can will put them on the Executive & Captains list.

President's Address to the Nation of the players in the Powell River 8-Ball Pool League
I would like to thank everyone for your support in making the league a very important asset to our community and the CCS pool association.
Also I would like to thank your local establishments for their continued support . Shoot straight and enjoy a great pool season. Above all have fun. Please respect all our players male and female . Harassment and sexual abuse will not tolerated verbal or physical.
At the tables we are allowed to coach every 2nd shot if necessary but the player at the table must ask to have only one coach if coaching is not asked for it is a foul, ball in hand. eg. Do not speak the shot from your chair it may be heard by the player shooting .
it comes to my attention that some players do not know what a double hit is.
Look it up on the internet (DOUBLE HIT POOL VIDEO). You will find two excellent instructional videos links (at the bottom of the Other menu in this site).

President Clay Gloslee

Dec 18th at Strikers Powell River Pool League Xmas Party
more details closer to the event


Starting Averages for the first three (3) matches an individual player plays.

Returning players from 2018-19 season shall use their final average from that season and it is found here:
Final Averages Earned in 2018-19 Season

Starting average for New players (or previous players that did not play last season) are assigned 7.6, which is the final overall Average for all players in 2018-19 season.
74993 points divided by9920 games played = 7.56. Round it up to one decimal = 7.6.
This is up from 7.4 used previous season.


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