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Last Updated: Aug 13 2019 10:37PM
Statistics 2019-20

MTP: > Multi-Team Players (MTP) Averages in 2019-20 Season

40-Points Matches: > Players Scoring 40-point matches in 2019-20 Season

Top Match Scores by Team (150+ pts.): > Top Match Scores in 2019-20 Season

Clean Sweep Matches by Team (5 rounds): > Clean Sweep Matches in 2019-20 Season

Top Female Players: > Top Female players in 2019-20 Season

Top Male Players: > Top Male players in 2019-20 Season

Final Player's Averages of Previous Season:

Final Averages Earned in 2018-19 Season
Final Averages Earned in 2017-18 Season
Final Averages Earned in 2016-17 Season

Final Averages Earned in 2015-16 Season


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